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What does Australia have to do with ‘nugget’?

Today is Day 16 of Jen Cole‘s #366SketchyChallenge, and the prompt is ‘nugget.’

Today, we often think of Chicken Nuggets or a gold nugget for that word, but those are not something I would want to draw.

But a nugget is also a valuable piece of information. Hence, one nugget of information that we must accept is that the “climate crisis is real.” And there is no better or sadder example of the world’s– humanity and life’s– danger than the wildfires of Australia.

There are varying opinions about this:

The Guardian


Scientific American

It seems the effects of rising temperatures must have an effect: you’ll need to read and research to decide for yourself.

I, for one, see the connection.

I also find myself sobbing at the stories of the human and animal devastation. My heart hurts.

How can you help?

Whether or not you accept that the climate crisis is real, the bushfire emergency is real.  Here’s how you can help:

CNN: How to Help Australia

New York Times: How to Help Victims of Australia’s Fires

ABC: How to Help Australia Bush Fire Survivors, Firefighters, Wildlife

World Wildlife Fund: Bushfire Emergency

Now, there’s some nuggets to remember.

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