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Winter Daily Art Challenge

WC14WinterChallengeWks1and2 sm

Wow! Weeks 1 and 2 of the Winter Daily Art Challenge!  I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and to see my progress using the app ProCreate on my iPad. By practicing daily I build a muscle memory and process memory so I can draw, paint, and design on my own, as in the lower right “Light up your life with art” image.

To create each image, I applied suggested strategies and experimented with others to add detail and to frame the day’s challenge into a context — as you can see in most of the images above.

I also shared my learning of techniques and processes in blog posts for each day. You can link to them by clicking on the blue dots in the image below– just hover over or touch the image to see the blue dots.

I hope you enjoy learning and I thank Jennifer Nichols for creating and sharing the challenge. If you have a better solution to any of the techniques, I’m sure we’d all love to learn from you.

See Challenge here:
Jennifer Nichols 30 Day ProCreate Winter Challenge

Prompts are listed there; it is a class–but you can use the prompts in your way.

Follow my challenge

Sheri’s Winter Challenge on Flickr.

WinterDailyArtChallenge2019 Blog Posts

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  1. To see the blue dots, I had to tap the thinglink icon in the lower right of the image.
    It’s fun to see your progress!

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