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WC13 Elf sm


Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 13 Elf

Isn’t this elf adorable? Weill, it’s not perfect, of course, The face should be more round and her body more petite, but I do believe elves come in all sizes too. I tried to extend the glow of light from the bright star onto her hat, ears, and face with the yellow, somewhat translucent airbrush.

One Technique:

In several of these winter holiday challenges, snow will gather in spots on objects, like trees, pinecones, etc. To create the look of snow gathering, add a layer, then just paint with a medium dry ink brush and carefully apply the snow where it would naturally gather. Just think of yourself as Jack Frost, painting a winter scene of quiet beauty.

Day 14 Revise Elf

After six days, the challenge focuses on catching up, revising, or creating a collage. I decided to revise the elf:

WC14 Elf Revised sm

The Technique:

As I indicated in my Elf 1, the face was too long, so I shortened it up a bit, which required adjustments to other layers, like shading and facial features. I also added the little chin lines as well. No Problem. The neck is longer, but elves like this should have long necks, arms, and legs, which I missed but that’s part of learning.

Next I added pleats to the skirt, including shading and highlights.

Finally, because this is a fairy elf, I added her dust, her sparkles of fairy dust of blue and yellow, which is why she chose the blue box and yellow ribbon. Do you notice the sparkles glowing on her hat, bodice, and skirt?


To create the sparkle fairy dust, I drew in circles of yellow and blue next to each other but on separate layers with the dry ink brush. I applied the Gaussian blur to soften them and duplicated each three times, adding a lower transparency to the top layer. Below all those, a applied a layer with both yellow and blue air brush [full transparency], yellow behind yellow, blue behind blue. Applying the Gaussian blur created a glow. I duplicated that layer too, lowering the upper layer’s transparency. Do you see that glow? Look closely..

On second thought, I wouldn’t get to close, she could fling that fairy dust at you with a spell– she does have a mischievous smile.

Amazing how just subtle changes can make a big difference.

See Challenge here:
Jennifer Nichols 30 Day ProCreate Winter Challenge

Prompts are listed there; it is a class–but you can use the prompts in your way.

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