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Framed Hair


I found among my brother’s things this old picture frame, probably made of brass, with pictures of my father and my mother when they were young parents. I do not remember them at this age at all — it may have been in the late twenties, before I was even born. Both my parents were in their thirty’s when my younger brother and I were born. My older brother is ten years older, and would probably remember these charming people.

Each picture is about 1 by 1.5 inches.

I love the picture on the right, with my mom’s hair wild and curly — just like mine gets if  I just let it dry, because at the time, there were no hair dryers or flatteners or blow dryers [at least that she could afford]– I’ve seen pictures of her somewhere long ago with ties in her hair to guide the curls while they dried. I’ve got her squirrel cheeks, and it looks like she’s up to something, which I’m sure she was. I’d love to ask her, but both my parents and my younger brother have passed on. All that is left are the little things to remember them.

As you look at the ornate frame, also consider this: don’t smoke. All three of my loved ones died from diseases related to smoking: my brother and father: lung cancer and COPD; my mother: emphysema and heart disease. If only…

Thinking about my mother’s lovely hair though, I’m thinking she wore more of 1930s rather than 1940s look.

But I know she did this, and I might try it too!

However, I doubt she could afford those rollers until the late 50s when she did share them with me! So, she probably did this:

Besides clips and bobby pins, I know she also had these brown circular roller curlers, like the ones in this video:


So, in a little picture frame, remembering that mischievous smile of my Mom’s, I also remembered some history of the technology of hair curling!

What do you remember from the past?

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