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Nouveau Sunshine


My daughter-in-law always sang “You are my sunshine” to her daughter, my granddaughter. Now that she has a new baby [my great-grandson], she sings that song to him. I’ve been wanting to create something for her around that theme. She loves to hike in the hills of our evergreen state, so buttercups are must.

That’s the flower I chose to create an illustration with four quadrants around the center to leave a place for the quote. Here’s a wonderful book you can download from to learn about Art Nouveau’s nature drawing: Nature Drawing and Design.



Here you can see how I followed the process shown by my teacher, Liz, at Skillshare, using the app Procreate.

I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve more to learn from this class, so I’ll be back with an update.

Don’t you think my granddaughter will love this?

screenshot sunshine buttercup

I updated it slightly — darkened the letters and decreased the yellow blur. I also fixed the upper right corner, which was two white, the result of my water erasing brush. provided in my Skillshare class. I’d just erased too much there.

sunshine screenshot 2.png

I’ll be uploading it to an art shop to create a picture for her, and probably a pillow she can use while holding the little one. Click image to see it.

sunshine arcylic block.png

What have you created today?

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