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Bold Brick Reflection

IMG_2195 cafewyldesign.jpg

Cross the street and turn right from the bold and strong Brick by Brick for a bite to eat of vegan delights in Cafe Wylde, where the large windows reflect the walk of where you’ve been as you leave.

Outside, be welcomed here with the soft wood tones in the sidewalk picnic tables, the slab of wood of the cafe sign, and the stained glass window of the pinewood door. Earthy toned tiles below the large windows meet the small squares of the city sidewalk. On the window, a painted vine mimics the shape of the city street lights.

Inside, straight, curved, and scrolled lines match the busy feel of a place frequented by locals and tourists alike, ready for healthy bites, such as Pesto Pasta made with zucchini noodles, kelp noodles, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach.

Cafe Wylde inside.jpg

Even the chairs are varied: some with horizontal slats and others with an oval hole, vintage “beat” scene.

Looking back out the door, more lines and bright light shine through the large and squared windows and the welcoming open door framed in wrought iron lines and scrolls and vines to match the opposite wall. A cool breeze slips in with the sounds of laughter and conversation of the diverse group of people enjoying the bright day outside at the picnic table: the larger cities hold the world in its neighborhoods– people from all over meet and greet and share here in Everett, a reflection of our global world.


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