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CLmooc Planet Feldgang


Today, I walk through CLmooc Planet— three blogs chosen to inspire me to read, write, create, as part of our CLmooc Summer Feldgang. Thanks to Daily Connector for the prompt.

1 Algot Runeman:


This blog is worth a daily read just to reconnect your brain with words.

Algot chooses a word each day

to consider, create, and define;

adding a sentence and a thought ,

and on some days, a rhyme;

So feed your mind today!


I think many of us in CLmooc would agree with Algot: we enjoy our unnormalness as creators and connectors. Our paths are rays of light in the cosmos– we choose the ray to ride, the way to wander and wonder.



Thanks, Algot, for all your inspiration.

2. Greg McVerry

Contemplate Going Down Hill

You’ll find in this site quick thoughts about life, education, owning your data. There’s much here for conversation– in quick thoughts. He also created and hosts CLmooc Planet along with Sarah Honeychurch [thank you so much].

In this post written again [as another in the past was], Greg reminds us that learning in a rush can whip right by important learning: history, deeper thoughts, concepts. As Ben Wilkoff always reminds us, “Learning is Change,” and change takes time. And through these quick thoughts, Greg thinks things through and lets us learn with him.

Learning Deeper

Sketch50 Always Learning: Pencil

See how great it is just to pop over to a CLmooc planet to get fresh reminders like this one?

Thanks, Greg, for inspiring us all to write and share.

3. Margaret G Simon

Poetry Friday: Definito Challenge

Margaret is an inspirational teacher and author; her blog is filled with reading, writing, and poetry. For years she sponsored the DigiLitSunday a blog challenge to write about ways technology enhanced learning. I am always inspired by her words and work.

Today her post is one of her weekly posts about poetry, which she and others challenge each other to write, linking the posts together. Today’s is a challenge to write a “Definito” poem– read her post to try it out.  Check out her and her colleagues’ other Poetry Friday posts here. Learn about how to participate in Poetry Friday here.

Poetry Friday

Lovers of poetry and children

Write each week about poetry and children

Linking, connecting, sharing, daring

to wrap up a poem or poetic strategy

perhaps a lesson or word choice imagery

to warm up children’s imagination

in the wonder and power

that stirs emotion and metaphor

through words carefully arranged

for Poetry Friday.


Thank you, Margaret, for your continued inspiration for teachers of young writers and readers.

Take a walk, a feldgang through our CLmooc Planet: here are the current members. Let us know what you find and how you were inspired. If you would like to join us, learn how, here. If you need help, just ask on Twitter at #clmooc.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog today. It’s nice to know someone is finding inspiration there. I love this concept of feldgang.

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