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I’ve been enjoying learning how to color layers from my SkillShare class by Charly Clements, “Fun with Color.”

I draw an outline sketch on one layer at the top, then use a color with the ink studio brush to outline each shape section in a separate layer and fill the color with the color drop. If I want to change colors in that layer, I use the alpha  lock and fill or recolor. So my layers are:

  • petals
  • shadow in petals
  • flower receptacle/sepal
  • shadow for receptacle/sepal
  • design dots on receptacle
  • stem and funny leaves
  • veins in stem and leaves
  • shadows in stems
  • vase
  • inside vase
  • design on vase
  • shadow below vase
  • shadow of flowers on vase
  • fallen petals
  • shadows of fallen petals

By the time I did my last monochrome color [blue], I was very fast at changes colors!

Note: I made the first purple flower design. Then copied that to change to the other colors, saving each as I finished one color before starting another. I could then import all four for my display art above. I duplicated each of the four and colored each of those copies into a solid coordinated color, pulling it into a shadow behind each.

Before actually starting to color though, I needed clarification on how to change colors and found that there are FIVE ways to change colors in your drawing.


I needed a background and remembered this video on textured layers and how to change those colors– very fun. I just used one of the brushes on the app under “Luminescence: Nebula” to paint that texture and then followed the directions here:


It was a fun day of learning– although I’m not sure, when I create a nice piece in ProCreate, if these will work with my uploaded art

Red Bubble



I usually work in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro [it’s free].

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