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A yellow star shines

spreading out in five white sparks

holding tight yellow rays popping out

in specks of pepper:

pear blossom.


Blossom clusters fill the tree

petals flittering in the April breeze

perhaps from times before we breathed

imagine rather a million wings

of fairies dancing while the tree sings.



Perhaps each spring when the sun calls

and warms the earth from winter’s thrall

and while our eyes see petals bright

others see fairy wings, smooth and white,

ready to fling with their delicate wings

fairy dust that pears in autumn bring.


Dark heads bobbing

Wings a’throbbing

The star exploding

Dust is floating

Evening gloaming

Fairies roaming:

All in the tree

for you to see.

Photography and Poetry by Sheri Edwards

Sheri Edwards View All

Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker~~
Art from the Heart

2 thoughts on “White Leave a comment

  1. Of all
    the ways
    to see
    the world,
    allows us
    to undertand
    the turmoil
    more clearly
    than to place
    its shadowed
    up against
    the backdrop
    of white

    — Kevin (not sure how this poem began thinking of color and ended up on a social justice theme but it did and I let the words go there)

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I know. It hangs over us now, a heavy burden, that we accept in support of our fellow human beings as we learn more of past policies that were obstacles to their success and which are now blatantly designed to hold people back from the opportunities and freedoms that we expect.

    When I chose that title, I hesitated at the title “white.” I didn’t like that now that word stirs up controversy and animosity. I want that the color of who each of is, is the color of nature’s beauty and part of our humanness.

    Blue forget-me-not
    Pink cherry blossoms
    Yellow arrowleaf balsamroot [sunflower]
    White pear blossoms

    Each of nature
    Each of beauty
    Each unique
    Each worthy

    as are each of us.

    We are “we.”

    Thanks for the reminder of the shadows that linger and that must be brought into the light.

    ~ Sheri

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