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Soft pink satin folds

unfold as one delicate

flower: cherry tree.


Petals soft and pink,

edges lined a darker flush:

defining beauty.


Beauty is a muse

pulling in one’s gaze to see

nature’s artistry.


Now linger longer

Looking deeper in wonder:

See the fairy hide.


Poetry and Photography by Sheri Edwards

Sheri Edwards View All

Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker~~
Art from the Heart

5 thoughts on “Pink Leave a comment

  1. Imagine the sky
    as blue as blue can be
    and the ground as green
    as green can be, and the
    sky as black and black can
    be, and against it all leans
    the soft, starting pink
    of the cherry tree in bloom


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