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Little Sunrays


Little Sun Rays

After the winter blues
the dandelion’s bright sun rays
bring cheer as children gather
a sweet bouquet
for Mother’s Day.

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2 thoughts on “Little Sunrays Leave a comment

  1. The first yellows
    of the season follow
    the sun into the cracks
    of pavement, a burst
    of Spring that brings
    with it the delight
    of bloom, before dusk

    for soon, these seeds will

    –Kevin (I keep meaning to come here and write poems, riffing off yours, and then … lose track. But I am here today, this morning, with appreciation for your poem …)

    • In the cracks in the walkway,
      yellow bursts turned
      wayward tufts,
      floating on the wind
      from my place to yours
      scattered seeds
      sprouting in our minds.

      Thanks for the poetry…

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