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Looking down

I saw looking up

the sky so brilliant

in the five petals

of the forget-me-not,

centered inside with

a puff of cloud white,

a flurry of blue

above spring green.


Looking up

I saw looking down

the breath of life

in the sky so blue;

the wet of rain

in the cloud of dew;

a promise remembered

of the earth renewed.



Photography and Poetry by Sheri Edwards

NaPoWriMo 19


Sheri Edwards View All

Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker~~
Art from the Heart

2 thoughts on “Blue Leave a comment

  1. I love the playful looking down and looking up…the sky in the flower, life in the sky. And you already know I am hooked on blue right now!

    • Yes– I just read your “blue” vacation! A wonderful experience that brought back my own memories which I wrote as a comment:

      “splashing up waves
      of frothy salty foam, intricate as lace.
      Our eyes follow the lacy white
      into a spectrum of blues” —
      that frisk and flow
      between my toes,
      tickling a memory
      of long ago
      while racing,

      Adapted from Kim’s Water Blues

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