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SOL19 Nerdy Teacher

Tune in and Cut!

You know you’re a nerdy teacher when…

  • You’re comfortable with students knowing more than you
  • Your students are comfortable sharing their aha’s of a new shortcut with you and their peers
  • Your classroom is filled with many devices
  • Your students and you know when to ignore and when to use your devices
  • Your students know which student is expert in what skill, strategy, or tool
  • Students design an assignment using their favorite tech tools
  • Students check sources and cite sources without being asked
  • Families can see their students work and progress without actually coming to school
  • Your email is filled with “How do I….” from other teachers
  • You find yourself providing requested help on the spot while chatting in the hallway
  • You’re asked “How did you learn this?” and your response is through play and Twitter — and “What?” is their next question
  • Your work can be found online, available as needed
  • You don’t need to go to your classroom for “that copy”
  • Although a real book feels great in your hands, your kindle app is always with you and has the same books, all ready in one spot on your device
  • Though you’ve been retired for three years, you still get called to answer questions about tech
  • You’re comfortable “geeking out” with your family, sharing and laughing with your play and work
  • Your grandkids draft skits and scripts, video and video edit, create music, and collaboratively act, video, and publish
  • If you have a question, you find the answer– now, on your device
  • You know many options for search, research, presentation, validation, collaboration
  • You love when the light bulb comes on for a tech newbie as they discover a better way to [read, write, communicate, create, collaborate, archive, research, curate, cook, video, knit, calligraphy, share…something relevant to their passions]

Thanks to Paula Bourque [LitCoachLady] who’s blog post and book inspired this prompt.


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Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
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One thought on “SOL19 Nerdy Teacher Leave a comment

  1. These are fantastic, Sheri! You are a true nerdy teacher. Sounds like you have been an invaluable resource to your colleagues over the years. Geeky Gramma is a perfectly nerdy moniker! Thanks for the laughs.

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