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Winter Kitten

Winter Kitten


A winter kitten, this wild one has cabin fever. She races through the house, back and forth, up onto the couch, diving back onto the floor and under the table. Round and round she spins through the house, a blur!

This is her first real outing, daring to walk down the steps with snow now shoveled, peeking up to peer at any one or any thing within view, then crunching small again to hide, her ears twitching all around to hear all the sounds of possible prey or predator.

A car engine revs its motor,  and she darts back up to crouch by the front door, ready to go back inside.

Winter kitten, purrs inside.


Slice of Life Post

Kitty Outside 
preview36 pieceKittyoutside

Writing Strategy:

Strong Verbs: races, diving, spins, daring, shoveled, peeking, peer, crunching, twitching, revs, darts, crouch, purrs

Alliterationpossible prey or predator.


Photo by Sheri

Puzzle created at JigSawPlanet

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