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SOL18 Joy


A slice, a moment.

But which one? I searched the beginning of my Google Photos and found a 2003 picture of my eldest granddaughter and me at one of her soccer games.

Ah, the cold and rain – and the hugs and smiles. I don’t remember the games at all, just that she enjoyed the game, running as hard as she could whenever she was needed. She bolted full force, like she does with everything, just like her parents. No holding back.

And Cheerios — from the moment she could snack, that was her choice. I see her sitting on the kitchen floor, barely a year old, bowl of Cheerios on one side, and Woofer, her puppy on the other side. One Cheerio for her, the next one for Woofer. Sharing is good. And still, at age 9, Cheerios at the soccer game, sharing with Gramma.

I spent the day remembering those days, since now, at 23, she’s planning her wedding. She’s already travelled Europe and Morocco. She chooses what’s best for her, and she supports the struggles of others. I’m so proud of her, the once little girl, with always sparkling eyes, an opinion on everything, and an open heart.

And now, her heart starts a new journey with another. What every parent and grandparent wants most, is for their children’s happiness, and in her eyes these days, her eyes sparkle with joy, and joy, she always shares.

Please remember: I’m proud of all my grandchildren, each a wonder in the own right with so many talents that the world just must get better with them in it. 🙂


This post is written for11th Annual  Slice of Life Story challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   During whole month of March, we will share a slice of our lives.  Please join too.  


Image: by Sheri [shaped in Google Drawings]

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