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SOL17 DoodleaDay 10 Mundane


Every day I make lunch for myself. In years past, I could skip lunch and stay focused on my projects and eat later or munch on something while I worked. But these days, as I’m older and diabetic, I need a light lunch. I used to hate to take the time because I enjoy working on my projects, being creative, and doing something well, especially if it is to help others or a team.

And I like to eat well-presented meals–prepared by chefs. I love the aroma and colors and taking careful bites to consider exactly what spices garnered each flavor.

Like at Sun Mountain Lodge:

sunmountainsalad copy.jpg

sunmountaindessert copy.jpg

Or Sante in Spokane:

downtownsante copy.jpg

Or even Applebee’s

applebees copy.jpg

I appreciate that someone created a meal for our dining pleasure, and then cleans up! I may have learned this from my mom. One of her refrigerator magnets reads: My favorite dinner is ‘reservations’!

But, the important thing is to take those delicious meals and transfer them to home:

dinnerathome copy.jpg

So in my doodle, you see a vase, glass of milk, an apple, and a small bowl of carrots with my toasted cheese sandwich, a mundane lunch but set up in dishes, nicely presented. Well, my art doesn’t do it justice.

Even in the mundane, appreciate the gift.


Each bite a bit of

sunshine; flavors fulfilling

the earth’s harvest gifts.


Part of Slice of Life 2017 by The Two Writing Teachers

Part of DoodleaDay by Royan Lee— today: the mundane

DoodleaDay song: Birches – Bill Morrissey, but I think it is by  Erik Balkey as I have this album Deadpan Alley

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