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SOL17 DoodleaDay 9 Hope

Today is March 9th, a rainy day turning into a foggy evening, but filled with hope because my PLN friend Denise Krebs tweeted this:

The article by Abby Brockman in Medium [], Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 Principles of Hope, reminds us of the process of change towards a better world of justice through nonviolent actions. The small moments joined together keep the issues focused in the forefront for those who need to hear. My doodle is a sketchnote of my connection to each principle in the article while listening to Raffi’s Turn This World Around.

I’ve been writing daily to clarify answers to understand the change to make America greedy again: we need to turn this world around for the children. Through my interactions with my PLN, and building more connections, hope is everywhere — look for the bursts, the positives, and the actions each of us can take in our corner of the world. Every small act matters: postcards, phone calls, connections, votes, meetings, conversations, sharing on social media. 

I hope you take heart in the hope from Abby’s message.



A dream of better

With knowledge to reach it

The friends who join

The journey and detours

That hold back ’til a burst forward

To a dream of better



Part of Slice of Life 2017 by The Two Writing Teachers

Part of DoodleaDay by Royan Lee— today: Lightbulb Connectivity

While doodling I listened to Raffi’s Turn This World Around.



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