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What’s my number? ~ A #CLMOOC intro

#clmooc Here’s an invitation from Helen DeWaard to remix your life by the numbers. Another way to introduce yourself. Have fun!

I am ONE daughter, Daddy’s girl.
I am TWO brothers, one older and one younger; one tinkerer and coder, and one financeer and humor that will have you laughing in a moment.
I am THREE months away from our 30th wedding anniversary.
I am FOUR days from our family gathering of fun in the sun.
I am FIVE posts ahead in my online tech class so I can participate in #clmooc.
I am SIX years plus sixty years old.
I am SEVEN times six and a towel in the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
I am EIGHT chuckles ahead in our family chat.
I am NINE hours behind in weeding my garden.
I am TEN grandkids fortunate, all loving and caring and thoughtful and intelligent and talented and who believed Gramma when she said dragons were real, living in our river…

Your turn: Read and remix Helen DeWaard’s introduction:

Five Flames 4 Learning

pay-530338_640I’ve been taking my time. I’m dipping into the waters of #CLMOOC this week but it’s been a focus for interesting collaborations over the past few weeks. I wrote about bios (The True You: Iterations of a Bio) that shaped my thoughts. Now it’s time to present my introduction to the community. Who am I? What’s my number?

I connected to Sarah’s introduction – Who Am I Today? – where she shared a Thinglink that revealed interesting nuggets of information about her past and present. I’ve connected with Sarah before, but these facts uncovered intriguing ‘kenning’. Then I dipped into Deanna’s introduction – Who Am I? #CLMOOC Make Cycle #1 – where she reveals her superpower. This engaging way of introducing yourself caught me eye and made me smile. Diving into her introduction uncovered some gems that I’m going to take into my teaching in the coming months. The six-word-story posters and the

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  1. Wonderful way to look at the numbers in our lives! Poetically written and engaging. Love that this is one way students can create their introductions for a course or class. Not just about the numbers but what they mean, how they connect, what they say about us! Thanks for remixing and reciprocating with generosity! ~ Helen 🙂

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