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#clmooc Introduction

Sheri Edwards, Introduction [for full view, click here]

Welcome to #clmooc: Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration!  If you haven’t joined yet, please do!  Sign-up on the right sidebar.

It’s the fourth year of something different and fun, personal yet social, individual yet collaborative. It’s doing and making to connect and network, cultivating an online community of connected learners.

The month of July [and first week of August] will fill us with so many ideas… well…you’ll need to make some choices!  And that’s OK! The purpose of CLMOOC is to explore and learn in a relaxed and supportive environment. Choose what and when and why of the opportunities, participating as one can, when one can.

There will be:

  • The Make With Me live broadcast with chat on Tues., July 12 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC live streamed with a synchronous chat here at CLMOOC. This session will also be recorded so you can watch the archive later.
  • A Twitter Chat for Make Cycle #1 on Thurs., July 14 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC with the#clmooc hashtag
  • Suggested “Makes” for two weeks, then a break, and the last week.
  • CLMOOC Make Bank
  • Poetry
  • Games
  • Photography
  • The Daily Connector site
  • Lots of conversations in the area you choose
  • And always: YOUR IDEA!

In fact, we also encourage you to share your makes in the CLMOOC Make Bank. Make Cycle 1 makes in the Make Bank include Curate: Assemble, Sort, and Showcase, String Postcards, and more. If you do any of these makes, add links to your examples.

Who am I?  My introduction is at the top; it’s more personal this year because I’ve retired after thirty-one years of teaching, mostly as a middle school language arts teacher. But who I am is a teacher.  A teacher who challenges story-telling, knowledge-building, writing, poetry, games, and sharing even in my family.

And, I am a CLMOOC-er.

To make CLMOOC happen, thank these Make Cycle 1 colleagues: Karen Fasimpaur [@kfasimpaur], Kevin Hodgson [], Jeffrey Keefer [], Sarah Honeychurch [], Joe Dillon [], Helen DeWaard [], Charlene Doland [], Allie Pasquier [@alliepasquier ], Fred Mindlin [@fmindlin ], Karon Bielenda, Susan Watson [], Anna Smith [], and Kim Doillard [].

I thank them for their time, thoughtful work, and engaging conversations that truly represent CLMOOC: open collaboration.

Who are we?  That’s what Make Cycle 1 is all about.  Read our first newsletter to see what the fun is, sign up, and create your introduction.  Aren’t sure how?  I’ve curated a few ideas here at TACKK:  CLMOOC Introductions. And the newsletter is filled with possibilities. BUT– we want you to pick, choose, or create your way. That’s what we’re about: cultivating connections, creations, and collaboration.

Is your head swimming?  The answer is to dive in and explore!

Let’s rock the #clmooc world again in 2016

IMG_2779_clmooc16_dogtrax (1).JPG

image by Kevin Hodgson []

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Geeky Gramma ~~
Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
Writer and Thinker~~
Art from the Heart

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