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Slice of Life #sol16 Just for Fun

I stumbled upon another Slice of Life blogger today: Carol Varsalona whose Just for Fun post explains her iMovie Photo Gallery technique. Such beautiful images.

I love to create movies in iMovie — the process and effects are easily created, as Carol’s video shows.

Another technique I use is to create an animated and recorded slideshow in Keynote [Apple powerpoint but so much more]. I export that to a QuickTime movie and import into iMove where I add music and title / credit slides. That gives me options for movement, text animation, etc. that I don’t have in iMovie.

Below is an example. A #clmooc friend, Kim Douillard wrote something about her wish for her students and for teachers.  It’s a profound thought, so I created this video using the Keynote technique based on her words:

Although I usually use GarageBand Loops for background music, I recently discovered incompetech for royalty-free music.

Making movies is Just for Fun, and it brings a creative joy to those who create, for those for whom it honors, and for those who view the videos.

So, whatever movie maker you have, create something — perhaps a quote from a friend!

What will you create today?



Writing Strategies

Context: Started with who and what and why for writing the post W7.3a

Details:  How to directions and example movie

Transition / Connecting Words: Another technique, Below is an example, Although, So

Add an idea:  Royalty free music

Conclusion: End with a question

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