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Slice of Life Heard in Class



“How do you group the images?”

Student runs across the room

and demonstrates.

“I can’t get the color to change.”  Teacher demonstrates.

“Enibe knows how to change the color

if you need to do that.”

“Could I put this part on my blog?”

“What are you writing?”

“I’m explaining my characters.”

“Take a screenshot and add that

to your explanation on your blog.”

“Listen to this.”

“What is it?”

“A good description.”

“Of what?”

“The hike with my dad.

‘The hike off the mountain was hard.

When we started it was not too bad,

but about halfway down,

the mountain turned into a rocky slope.

Rocks were sliding down the hill

and SLAMMING into trees.

It sounded like thunder.'”

“Include that in your Writing Strategies!

It’s a great ‘sight’ description with sound!”



Writing Strategies

Dialogue: Classroom conversations

Format:  Back and forth using left and right justification.


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