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Slice of Life Blended Learning

denise blended learning

Today I watched Part 1 of FRed Talks [Find Real Education]  after the amazing presentation by Eric Curts at Classroom Live 2.0 about Google Drawings. Every one of those links helped me prepare a presentation for staff and an hour of professional development that puts the teacher in the drivers seat to choose their own path of learning, pace of learning, and place of learning [which content to learn].  The course, in Google Classroom, differentiates [as suggested by Alice Keeler]  for staff to choose the assignments and learning that fit each one’s needs.

They will create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically about their learning. And they will share out in discussion and Google Spreadsheet, choosing a cell to express their learning [a quick on-the-spot assessment].

The process and product models a way to differentiate for their students using Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom.

We’ll do as Denise Krebs‘s poster from 2011 expresses so well, applying the 4 C’s of the Common Core State Standards: create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically.

Thank you to Part 1 of FRed Talks [Find Real Education] Eric Curts Classroom Live 2.0, and Denise Krebs.



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  1. Thank you, Sheri! Great job keeping up with the Slice of Life! I just noticed that picture of how we use computers has had +97K views on Flickr.

    I just changed my C’s on my blog to the Common Core ones–create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically. These are all foundational values I talk about in grade 2, some of the others I used to have–curation, for instance–not so much. Do you remember when we were in the #ksyb challenge and we figured out our C words for our blog!?

    Thanks so much, Sheri, for the shout out!


    • Denise, I noticed all those views! It’s one of my favorite images from your collection. It fits in with so much of what we’re trying to do in our classrooms, from reading to writing to making. I do remember the C word search. I added Consider to mine — and as we learned together, we realized “curate” is one of the most important, which is one reason we blog! Hope to see you again. Sheri

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