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#sol15 After Nine


I missed the deadline for slice. Totally distracted providing feedback to students on their projects. Here’s one that’s published already: Life in Two Worlds. My students have a history and  two worlds in which to live; it’s not easy, and they will live their lives dealing with it. This project has helped them focus on what will help them succeed.

Then tonight as I work on the type of grading that takes time — not really grading, because it’s written feedback so students know what is done well and what needs improvement. I can personalize the feedback so that the standards fit what they need and the curriculum requires, guiding each student towards improvement and success.

Anyway, it’s late, and I’m still working, like many teachers do. Not during the day — because we’re teaching, but on our own time.  We live in three worlds — the one of hope with students, the one of family who waits, and the one of misconception where so many can tell us just what to do, but have no clue what “teacher” means.

Image: by Sheri Edwards

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7 thoughts on “#sol15 After Nine Leave a comment

  1. It is tricky balancing those three worlds. Those not in the education world have no idea of the time and energy that goes into work they think is effortless.

    • Hi Elsie, And tonight, instead of with family or reading papers, I’m adding to a brochure for the School Improvement Team. It never ends. Yes, people have no ideas.

  2. I understand. I woke up this morning and realized not only did I not comment on teacher’s blogs from yesterday, but I forgot to post my students’ blogs completely. I feel terrible about that, but it happens with teachers. I love that you focus on written feedback!

  3. Those students of yours get it better than most adults…such a great post. I sent it to my friend Ana Fores who works with immigrant advocacy in south Texas. She gets so frustrated. Your students words will give her hope.

    I’m snagging the three worlds graphic too ~ fits adjuncts too.

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