#sol15 Unbelievable GooglePlus Sadness

google crazy.001

Have you heard the news?  Google is ending Google Plus. [ Neowin , Google Plus ]

My communities have been so important to my profession as an educator — to think and work with the best to create an innovative education revolution. Three of my favorite are #clmooc, #etmooc, and the #GEG WA communities. Visit them and see the engagement, the relationships, the real neighborhoods of learning.

I appreciate how Google continuously upgrades its apps and provides GAFE so our students are learning the tools and research they need in the future. However, I learned how to be the teacher of those students through the creative work within those Google Plus communities. I feel a little betrayed; we all joined in and made it work — used the potential, and built our connections into neighborhoods we frequented as needed.

My friend, Terry Elliot, called this move expected, but Unbelievably Crazy. Well, I didn’t expect this, and I am saddened by the news.


Image: by Sheri Edwards

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  1. That’s too bad! It’s awful when something you’ve grown accustomed to using is taken away. I know it won’t be the same, but I hope that you find a suitable replacement!

    • Yes. Hopeful. It seems there will be “streams” — and that will be our conversations. I’m just hoping as well that the new possibilities allow for the building of communities as we have in our #clmooc and #etmooc !

    • I don’t think the archives disappear. As I’ve read more about it, I think the platform will be two: Streams and Photos, which might be a good thing. I liked Picasa for my photos to upload to my blog or make slideshows to share/embed. That was more difficult in Google Plus. But I’m not sure — the communities are so important and inspiring in my life. We’ll see what happens next. Thanks for asking.

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