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#140WC Joy Edjoy #C4C15

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Educators are under such demands today that interfere with our primary task: teaching and learning. But, we are resilient, and Scott Glass shares how educators document the precious moments in our classroom when the people within are connected to each other in soft moments of understanding, a recognition of our humanity in a world of education that is becoming dehumanizing. We share these moments with the hashtag #edjoy as we enjoy these fleeting, special times.  Scott reminds us how important it is to stop for these moments, which enrich our well-being, allow us to grow, and give recognition to each other.

An example is this small note, left by a student:

Learning Is Hard Fun note

Please read his words. This is my comment on the post: Capturing a Peculiar Kind of Joy by Scott Glass

Hi Scott. Great post. Thanks for reminding me of the #edjoy tag, those moments of small connections to each other as humans. When I write my #oneword post on my class blog, I will refer to this post. And maybe we need a Google Presentation, set up to turn into an eBook, to capture #edjoy by the month?

I chose “joy” as my #oneword for 2015. Towards the bottom of my post on Joy is Gallup information on motivation for middle school students; it’s dependent on: hope, well-being, and and engagement! I believe you have those covered! You’re an awesome teacher.

OneWord: Joy

This comment is also part of Ben Wilkoff’s #C4C15 project — I want others to read your post!


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  1. That note is awesome. I need to take a screenshot of it and use it. Thanks for including me in this really wonderful project.

    • You bet Scott. I’ve included your post in our class blog as well — as we each search for our own “One Word,” and a little joy in our lives! I always appreciate the dedication you have for your profession and especially for your students.

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