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Idea for Rubrics: Feedback #140WC #C4C15


Just wanted to share this great idea for rubrics and feedback from Jennifer Gonzalez.

Instead of a rubric that describes each level, simply write the section that is “proficient.”  On the left side, provide feedback for what is needed, and on the right side share feedback of what exceeded the standards. This explicit feedback provides more guidance than a rubric filled with words the student may not even read.

140wc_quotes_rubric_feedbacksre.015 I have been writing feedback on student work using the “I see / I suggest” format. This is simple and quick and allows the student to revise.

However, I like the idea of having the standard in the middle to be more specific for both student and myself, with the comments about “I see/ I suggest” on the sides [see above image]. This makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Often the student does excel in some places, meets the standard in others, and could use improvement in other areas of their work.This open rubric allows for precise and clear feedback on successes and concerns in student work. With these as a model, students can begin self-evaluating their own work as well. Jennifer’s rubric is a model for metacognitive reflection that students can learn from the feedback that is modeled, and it is a focus for learning from the feedback provided.

I developed the rubric below for my classroom based on Jennifer’s ideas:

Be sure to read the post by  Jennifer Gonzalez for more information.  I love this idea.

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