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As I look back on 2014, I thank those who have inspired my thinking. Ben Wilkoff started the #ilearnfrom hashtag, and I use it frequently in thanks to those that share so that others like myself may learn, grow, and share too.

One way I learn is by writing my thoughts, reflections, lessons, strategies, etc. in my blogs. What #ilearnfrom Ben recently is that although communicating is good, sharing is better. He’s starting #C4C15, a community to share — share comments to blogs to begin a conversation– “Comments for Community in 2015.” He is expanding the power of blogging by creating conversations. It’s an idea I’ve pondered before in a post about “conversations.” It’s why I often blog about the tweets that direct me to think about or do something, which is how I can write my #140WC 140 word count blog posts — I carry on the conversation of others’ ideas. Ben carries it further by formalizing it. Read his post — and join– as you can. That’s the other thing about challenges and ideas, modify them as needed to fit your situation. But do add your ideas from other’s ideas — comment on their blog [or reply to a tweet], and post your ideas. Get the conversations rolling!

From where will you get your ideas?  

Ben offers several ideas — Go to the blogs listed in Twitter profiles, look at the recommendations in sidebars of other bloggers, use Nuzzle and/or Feedly. And, for 2014, here are 14 of my favorite blogs:

TeachThought – Learn better. Thought Leadership and Practice

Edutopia | K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work  Strategies That Work

Blog | Educator Innovator  Strategies in Practice

Edudemic – Education Technology Tips For Students And Teachers  Tech Tips

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… | …For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL  Reflection on Teaching

MindShift | How we will learn  Strategies, Leadership, and Practice — The Future of Learning

Free Technology for Teachers — Tech Tools and Tips by Richard Byrne

Digital Is Blogs by Educators in the National Writing Project’s Education Community

User Generated Education | Education as it should be – passion-based. Leadership and Practice by Jackie Gerstein

wwwatanabe  Strategies, HowTos, Leadership, Lessons by Tracy Watanabe

Learning is Change “frame the shift toward authenticity in all learning spaces” by Ben Wilkoff

Reflections on Teaching by Alice Mercer

A blog for reflecting on the opportunities and challenges in open education – K12 Open Ed by Karen Fasimpaur

Starr Sackstein, MJE, NBCT – Changing the world, one mind at a time and Kasey Bell’s Shake Up Learning – Shake Up Learning Blog  Learn Google Apps and more

Will you join the conversations?

Even if not for each day, how about once a week? twice a month? Set your goal and help build a more connected blogosphere. And write your own #ilearnfrom …. as you stand on  the shoulders of giants.

WC 458

Join the #140 Challenge! See sidebar.

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  1. I am so glad that you collected all of these blogs. This is going to be a huge boon for anyone attempting to take part in #C4C15. I can’t wait to learn with you all year.

  2. Thank you so much for collecting all of these blogs! It is going to be a huge boon for everyone taking part in #C4C15. I can’t wait to learn with you all year long.

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