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#140WC Knowing Stops Learning



Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday. For his birthday he’s getting himself a Toshiba Chromebook for me to use. That’s how special he is.

I’m a Mac person; we both are. But I am reading so much about schools that are embracing the Chromebook movement to integrate the tools kids use and will need to know how to use as part of their daily work and play now and in the future.

The ISTE Technology Standards and our Washington State Technology Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards all emphasize two things for being College and Career Ready:  thinking and collaboration.

For kids whose technology is carried in their pockets, they also need to learn to use that technology as a tool for their lives, more than simple connecting. Many kids do — but many don’t. Technology allows us to read many views, research and take notes, analyze data, and synthesize it all into a media-rich consideration of the topics about which we choose to learn — or is expected by our employers. Schools, to be relevant, need to provide the tools and projects that enable students to think and collaborate, consider and share, create and curate.

As a user of Google Apps and as part of a Google Apps school, I need to understand this operating system called Chrome.  It’s good to be versatile. It’s good to learn more. I’ve seen  the cost benefits, and I know what tools these devices can bring for the students.

Open minds allow for critical and creative solutions. I can’t let what I know and use already prevent me from discovering and using other tools that my students may find and apply just as well.

What about you? Has what you already know prevented your learning and solving?

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