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#140WC #FutureReady


What does it mean to be Future Ready?

Today and tomorrow, it will mean many things, among them:

  • Aware and Connected

Be aware of the local and global events that affect our world. Connect in person and online to many voices that help provide guidance, information, questions, solutions, etc. when issues arise.

  • Public and Private

Our lives are connected, in person and online, privately and publicly. It is incumbent upon us to understand both venues, and to live our lives to make both better.

  • Active Citizen: locally, globally

For our communities to thrive and succeed, for our communities to connect into larger networks that support one another, we need citizens active locally and globally — to add ideas, facts, questions, solutions. Will we work together to create a better world? Active citizens — agreeing and disagreeing — who work together will make it so.

  • Searches, Analyzes, Revises own knowledge

To participate effectively both locally and globally, we need to share what we know, and search for what we don’t know, analyzing the information for relevance and validity, and revise our own knowledge when needed. We need to know how to learn, how to accept others’ ideas and adjust our own when needed, and how to effectively communicate these ideas with others.

  • Adds value in conversations, content, & solutions

As a learner and an active citizen both locally and globally, we add to the discussions and issues, providing valuable input that leads our communities forward. We don’t know who has the solution to many of our issues, but it is in sharing what we know, conversing and considering many ideas, that we find surprising solutions that can benefit us all.

  • Accepts others and collaborates towards solutions


Finally, in our public and private venues, both locally and globally, we must listen to others, accepting that differences exist, and using those ideas to collaborate towards solutions to the issues that arise. Each of us adds value to our worlds, and together, we can build that better world.

Are you ready for the future? Don’t look now; it’s here…


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