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Distributed Learning
I love Twitter. Can’t you just get lost sometimes? Stumbling through Twitter links, I started with Google Folders; found a link to free download on Digital Fluency_Snapshot, looked around that site to Hibernating Students, then Active Learning where the next post was Visual Guide to PBL, a post I’d read before on Edudemic about a deeper look at the PBL process, analyzed into a “Distributed-Project Based Learning” graphic by Yameng Li

Project-based learning engages students — they are actively learning together to analyze information and produce a representation of their ideas — in some project form based on their audience and purpose.

In today’s world, students’ process and product include the tech tools they choose for their need. They are learning critically thinking, problem-solving, communication, and design as they collaborate towards their goal.

The chart above shows us the basics of the process in the bottom tier: Organizing/Co-ordinating the work, building background knowledge to inspire, and finally, the co-design of the project. But look at the list of possibilities and expectations in each of those categories. Notice how each part of the process involves those skills often not included in “standards,” but are integral to the Common Core State Standards and most technology standards: thinking and collaboration.  The finally tier includes tech tools students employ during the process and for their product.

It’s time though to update that tier: Google Hangouts, Google Research, Google Communities, Google Apps, Google Drive,,, Lucid Charts, Lucid Press, Canva, Tackk, BitStrips, Voki — there’s tons of tech apps that have blossomed and will continue too. The point though, is the overall view of the process in one graphic.


I think it’ll help the students and teachers expand their thinking about the PBL process. I’m glad I found it again.

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