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Choose 2 Matter

Choose 2 Matter Have you been following the #youmatter conversation? Have you reminded yourself that you matter? that those around you matter? Angela Maiers reminds us to acknowledge our value to the world we live in, and to take the time to notice that we matter. We matter.

I am thankful to my PLN for their encouragement to my work, for their recognition that I matter. That validation propels me to do more, to try harder. It is human nature. I remember years ago in a class called “Caring in the Classroom” that  a life lesson occurred for me. The class was a reflective journey to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all the learners in the classroom, teacher and student. I remember how empowering it was when the teacher said to me, “You are a true encourager.” Because of those words, I made them truer each day, to live up to that expectation. And every time in the classroom, I find those moments to give students a recognition of their strengths so that they may build those strengths more. It is a small way to show each other, We Matter.

The movement that began with Angela’s Ted Talk has spread and evolved. Not only do we acknowledge ourselves, now we “choose to matter.”  Angela repeated Anne Frank’s words, ” How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” in her blog post  You Matter Manifesto.

Not only do we matter, but we “choose to matter.”

I “#choose2matter” by recognizing the genius within those around me, in the small ways each person carries the moments in their lives to succeed: a smile in difficult times, a willingness to erase and try again, a pause to calm oneself, a pat on the back to a friend. I see these daily in my classroom, and we need to celebrate our choices to take the time to move ahead through our struggles.

I choose 2 matter through encouraging those around me in the small ways that recognize strengths, allowing them the dignity of using those strengths to overcome difficulties. We need to acknowledge what we do well.

I choose 2 matter again this year by reminding my students and colleagues that they matter.

I choose 2 matter by not giving up on myself or those around me. We can do good things together through recognition and encouragement. Each day, together, we will make a mark on our future. In small ways, every day, we will make the world around us a better place.

How will you #choose2matter ? Will you start by joining the Choose 2 Matter group on Facebook? Will you follow  Twitter  hashtag #choose2matter ?

Choose 2 Matter

And I say to my family and students, “Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness…Reflect curiosity and wonder…” ~ Sheri Edwards

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4 thoughts on “Choose 2 Matter Leave a comment

  1. Thank you for such a positive post.
    With this short life we have, it’s so important to not waste time complaining – we can accomplish so much more by giving encouragement and searching together for solutions.
    Thanks again! What a great thing to read as I start my day!
    Joy Kirr

    • Hi Joy! Thanks for reading; I agree with your addition, “we can accomplish so much more by giving encouragement and searching together for solutions.” And we must be patient with those who offer the “But…” We need to listen, acknowledge, and encourage forward movement. Within every seed of adversity is common ground through which a way forward can grow. If only we are patient enough to encourage this kind of conversation. Have an interesting day!

    • Thanks Laurie. I hope that we educators can help bring people together in positive ways, to share the goodness in the world. Thanks for stopping by. See you at the Choose 2 Matter group on Facebook and around the Net to help with the future projects.

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