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Google Apps in Education Collaboration

What’s great about Google Apps? We can collaborate on projects. Here’s one we can share with you. The idea for this project developed while I participated in a Teachers First OK2Ask free online professional development session on Google Docs.

The Event

Our classes attend an outdoor education class each spring. Kids experience canoe trips, entomology, loon history, natural resources information, invasiive species games, habitat games, geology, boat safety, etc. The United States Forest Service, Colville Confederated Tribes, Washington State University 4-H Extension Service, and our school provide presentors who engage students in learning about our natural resources. All of this is organized by Gary Martin, CCT, and Nancy Armstrong-Montes, our fourth grade teacher. How do we thank those involved for taking the time to share the value of our little corner of the world? How do we thank them with input from all students in an interesting format? Google Docs Presentation !

The Project

Student in grades five through eight collaborated on a Google docs presentation as a thank you. Students logged in to the document and added slides to include Who and What text. The next day, as a class, we chose pictures from our iPhoto library to upload into the presentation and edited our errors. It worked beautifully: we were able to be specific about the value of the day by explaining what we did and learned.

The Presentation

We downloaded and printed the presentation, two slides to a page. Two students from each class brought the beautiful color copy, now spiral bound with their signatures, to the Colville Tribal Council to share their learning. By writing the slides themselves, students clearly stated with confidence the learning and appreciation for our outdoor day. The Council appreciated our “Thank you.

The Product

Google Docs Presentation allowed us to collaboratively create a careful appreciation for a wonderful day of learning. Does this help you think of other projects for your Google Apps in Education?

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2 thoughts on “Google Apps in Education Collaboration Leave a comment

  1. What a great use of google docs! Beyond collaborating in the cloud, the activity shared their learning with others and showed how their time matters. What a great experience for the students and a wonderful thank you for those who made it possible for them! I am so glad you enjoyed the session on Teachers First and used the tools in a wonderful, authentic, and engaging way with the students!

  2. So great to see a way for students to add their own closure/reflection to the activities in the form of a thank you. They model ethical use of resources (Flickr photo) and real thinking about what they have learned. What more could a teacher ask? I am sure the instructors appreciate the presentation.

    We are delighted to see a teacher/participant from an OK2Ask session share such an immediate and positive outcome. Kudos to you for taking the time to share and spread the learning even further!

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