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What Will Last?

purple crocus sprouts in February

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Judges: inexperienced, defying the rule of law

Grifters: lies, all lies

Press: is there any left?

September 5th seems like the day democracy did die, when the obvious criminal activity of the former president is allowed to have a review. But this may be delaying and also supporting the criminality of his betrayal. See Politico. By now, though, with judges in his pocket, I just see the end of our republic.

Color of Joy, Will They Last?

In February they sprout
from frozen ground, out
out of the deep dark of dirt
out to dazzling bright
their own deepness, a purple
popping joy and delight

In September there’s doubt
from chosen grounds, out
out of the deep dark of lies
out of “We the People” past
our own deepness, a pale
pondering: will democracy last?

Sheri Edwards
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1286 days of posts in a row

Authoritarian, not “We the People…”

“Geoff is a proven fighter who successfully pushes back on the ultra liberal extremists, and who has driven them a little bit wild too because they can’t figure him out, and he’ll rule your state with an iron fist and he’ll do what has to be done,” Trump said.


And now, we all have a right to….

…don’t we?

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