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Public Domain image sources: at left a Woody Guthrie wall mural and at right a Library of Congress image of Woodiy Guthrie and his guitar which says "This Machine Kills Fascists."
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#clmooc #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3888  What’s your latest musical discovery?

They’ve been around for years, but now, again, they’ve called up Woody Guthrie into a new album: Dropkick MurphysThis Machine Still Kills Fascists

Sounds like a much needed album in these times.

Nora Guthrie added, “I collected lyrics on all kinds of topics…lyrics that seemed to be needed to be said – or screamed – today. Ken Casey is a master at understanding Woody’s lyrics, which can be complicated, long, deadly serious, or totally ridiculous. DKM is capable of delivering them all.”

From Consequence

Who was Woodie Guthrie? Let me refresh your memory: This Land is Your Land

Woody Guthrie Website

Biography: Library of Congress

Library of Congress Webcast: Nora Guthrie: My Father, My Partner

Library of Congress Photo with Guitar

American Songwriter

Performing Songwriter

The Morgan Library & Museum

Another song on the album– Ten Times More— words by Woody Guthrie, music by Dropkick Murphy

Lyrics on Genius

Making the Video:

Looking forward to the album release, and perhaps a few more bands who start writing and singing songs of our country as free and for all, as Woody Guthrie did.

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