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Daily Create Stained Glass Art Gallery

grandkid stained glass-like artwork on the back door slider
on Flickr

Daily Note and Daily Create

Every day, a photograph, a poem.  Today’s Daily Create [ #clmooc #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3886 ] was to create a Stained Glass design. But I did not need to create it because years ago– like ten years ago– my grandkids each year added window art in the form of liquid stained glass to our back door slider.

The slider is filled with years of window art, created during week long “Cousin Camp” visits to Gramma and Grampa’s house. Each little piece is a memory of one of the seven cousins of Cousin Camp and their unique personalities. A few of the other three kids work also appeared through the years.

I have remnants of poems, typed messages, menus, Cottage Cafe dollars, ninja skits. The kids would create their own menus for their “Cottage Cafe” and take turns being chef. They would pay the chef with leaves as money, and then proceeded to “print” their own money to spend at the little cafe in our kitchen.

Music, art, movie-making, skit-writing and acting, painting, hiking, walking Pooka, trips to the gas station down the street for ice cream. All great memories.

So…. when we ordered new windows and a new slider for our old cottage home, we called in to cancel the slider order– because we could not lose the Art Gallery of Grandkid Art on that door! So, it’s still there– just a delight to gaze out in memory of the song and laughter and even quiet contemplation in the back yard of Gramma and Grampa’s Cousin Camp.

Gramma’s Art Gallery

a rainbow of colors
in all sorts of shapes
carefully planned
carefully dripped
patiently checked on
to dry for display
by grandchildren’s hands,
window art memory,
of Cousin Camp days.

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