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Daily Create Zuckertuten

a cone-shaped package called a zuckertuten filled with needed supplies; in this instace pens, clinking glasses, celebratory hearts, flowers, ribbons, stars.

Daily Create

#ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3864  #myFest22  Today we were asked to create a Zukertuten, a cone-shaped package filled with needed goodies. Originally mean for kids starting their first day of school and filled with school supplies, today we draw one for someone’s “first” at something.

For one of my art teachers: @LisaBarot who is just finishing her “How to Draw on the iPad” book, I painted this zuckertuten, filled with colored pens for autographing, celebratory stars and ribbons and clinking glasses; stickers and smiley faces.

Find Lisa here:


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