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Tea Anytime

tea pot, tea cup with infuser for loose tea, Sky Between the Branches can of tea-- all on black ceramic topped stove
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Even in hot weather, a cup of tea fills the mind with memories of conversations long past while tea steeps in the cup that is a gift from a friend. Don’t you think?


The whistle says to pour
it’s water carefully o’er
tea that’s loose to steep
in a friend’s cup to keep
memories of yours and mine
a cup of tea, anytime.

Sheri Edwards
080322 217.365.22

Today I’m remember the long walks on summer days along the road to the sandbar. Walking or riding a bike to that place on Double Ditch road where the I-94 crosses and we, in our daring teen days, parked our bikes, climbed the concrete bank and pulled ourselves up onto the catwalk to walk over the Missouri River beneath the interstate to the the favorite teen spot– an inlet created when the Interstate was being built– where the current flowed into a small bay bordering the sandy bank extending into the river so the river passed on by and we could swim in safety. That, after walking across the dangerous catwalk beneath the highway.

Teenagers have not changed: they still find their own places.

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