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Daily Create Fable Blackbird

blackbird in tree above cornfield where starlings are landing
on Flickr

Daily Create

#ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3838  #myFest22 — Change up the “The Owl and the Birds” fable.

The Farmer, Brewer’s Blackbird, and Starling

Blackbird chirped to warn the farmer of the coming starlings, but the farmer ignored them. The starlings came and mimicked the sound of other birds to fool the farmer while they ate the farmer’s corn, all the time chirping like blackbird, who eats the insects that harm the corn. And the farmers, fooled, blamed that blackbird who only wanted to help him so the insects and the starlings destroyed his crops, his livelihood.

Sheri Edwards:

Or: How Republicans call foul [fowl] in the very democratic policies that would help them– and repeat the misinformation over and over and over until they destroy themselves and the freedom their country once lived.

Source Images: Internet Archive Book Images on Flickr CC0

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