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Daily Create Mixed Metaphor

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Daily Create

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Mixed Metaphors

Hope is the two in the bush.

My mixed metaphor, illustrated by the two thrush in bush, an Internet Archive Book Image CC0 on Flickr, combines two metaphors:

Hope is the thing with feathers.” – Emily Dickinson

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” [common metaphor]

Indeed, hope are the two in the bush.

The upper bird is a Wood Thrush found in Eastern US and which is having a difficult time due to the spread of cowbirds who leave their eggs in the small wood thrush nests– often pushing out other eggs or the larger cowbird gets all the food. [See Saving the Wood Thrush at All About Birds]. It’s lovely flute-like song will be missed if its habitat loss and the cowbird problems continue.

The lower bird is a Hermit Thrush, which is found in Washington State, at the edges of the mountains. It is one thrush species that does not depend on migration and so is found throughout the year here and is thriving.

Hope are the two in the bush— all our birds like canaries in the coal mine– showing us that we still have time to right the way of climate change– see this Audubon webpage for information on your area: Survival by Degrees.

If you like birds, here’s a bit about Summer Birdwatching: All About Birds Summer Bird Watching Tips

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