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Sleeping Hills

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. In today’s Daily Create, I needed a sign.

This one was from the drive home from the outdoor wedding— here we are at the Columbia River area called the “Handford Reach”— the last free-flowing portion of the river. Across the small bridge the rolling hills look like a sleeping dragon, since we all know dragons now live in the Columbia River— see the whirlpools— that’s the result of a dragon’s swim stroke or swish of its tail. Dragons are everywhere. Anyway you look at it: thar be dragons ahead— or perhaps just sleeping hills.

This area is part of the Hanford Reach National Monument— and its million year history is a story of fire [lava] and flood [Glacial Lake Missoula].

And a million years from now, will we have listened to its story today— drying, burning— and acknowledge the need as humans to influence our influence on changing climate? What story will be told, if there’s someone to tell it?

Sleeping Hills

Rolling, smooth grasslands
Dipping here and there
Above the mighty river
Swirling free below
Horizon of rolling waves
Of land and grass and wheat
Born of fire and flood
Now sleeping beneath the sun
A story waiting for tomorrow’s tale—
Bare? Burned? Or Bountiful?

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