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Lilac Tree

blossoming lilac tree with several dead limbs

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Every day, a photograph, a poem.

I’m feeling hesitant and unsure. I had always thought we would always be free– free to choose our lives, our living, our speech, our friends– with freedom from religion and discrimination. Things were not perfect, but we had a vision, a track forward to reach.

We who believed in these things lived beside those who would restrict and rule according to “their beliefs,” and now those we held as equals, and listened and acknowledged them, are denied our voice, our choice, our beliefs because of our vision and willingness to live in concert with differing beliefs.

Interesting, isn’t it, that we who believed in freedom for all are now — by those we considered friends and neighbors– are now denied our freedoms as they rule by religious dictates not of our own– the opposite of true freedom. They are choking our democracy– and denying human rights and the nature of the way we are– one human race with diverse views.

Our country came together knowing that religion separated us and so wrote into our Bill of Rights this freedom from religion. Sadly, an unAmerican faction is dividing us.

Lilac Tree

Lilac Tree
Old and free
Its blossoms in spring
Show its life still flows
Though parts death knows
Will freedoms still ring—
As this tree

Sheri Edwards
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1229 days of posts in a row

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