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Daddy Long Legs

daddy long legs hanging from its web

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Pholcidae are the cellar spiders we see in the house. They are an actual spider– with two body parts, eight legs, fangs, venom, and eyes of eight. There are other creatures with this name, but the things you see inside are these. Outside you might see another arachnid that has only one body part and eight legs– but no fangs and no venom and no webs. These are not spiders, but are arachnids. Here’s a video to help you see the difference:

But those spiders in the house– they eat a lot of other bugs you don’t like, and their bite will not harm you, unless, of course, you’re allergic to their venom.

The spider in the photo is hanging upside down from its web, a unique feature of this “daddy long legs spider,” the Pholcidae.

Daddy Long Legs

It’s legs so jointed and long
a circle its legs can form
keeping prey at a distance
swirling its prey to conform
within a wrap of its web
its venom to spread
a bite to contain its prey
with venom assistance
to carry it away
with legs so jointed and long

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