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Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Lots of worry in the world today,
with time needed to step back and say,
“Together, we watch and worry for ways
to onward forge a better way”
where no one is forced in life’s play
by another’s beliefs or ways–
to power over with laws they lay
to deny other’s their own say
in planning their life’s way.

So, we wait. We watch. We worry. But their plans cannot stop human nature, as history shows. This way they’ve commanded simply casts a cover over that which will still happen- and which infringe’s on other’s beliefs, other’s autonomy– on which those now oppressed will still live, but under dire conditions that will inevitably cost lives. Instead of working to help, this hurts. How is that God’s love?


Feeling small
With hope, stalled.

Sheri Edwards
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2 thoughts on “Small Leave a comment

    • Yeah. Their strategies worked. I’m just feeling so small, yet our voices are more– just not counted due to the imbalance of the Senate where unpopulated states have power over so many. I don’t think the founders of our country had this in mind– that the minority would rule. A stake in the conversation– a way to compromise– yes, but that is no longer happening. So. very. sad.

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