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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Much commotion in the universes today in the chaos planned by the religious right to force their religion upon us all– as in their supremist court’s rulings this week.

Just breathe and continue your everyday striving for peace and justice through peace and justice. We will move forward together with our votes and active participation in nonviolent ways.

And sometimes we need to step back and allow these people their moment and take the moment to refresh ourselves in our diligence to continue the work of John Lewis’s “good trouble:”

  • Always do what you can, no matter how small
  • Be prepared to be persistent
  • Find your joy, and hold onto it for balance
  • Embrace your beginnings
  • Don’t let your circumstances limit your imagination
  • Relentless optimism
  • Source: CNN: John Lewis: Good Trouble


In a world where chaos crumbles norms
Breathe in to sooth and calm mind’s storm
Breathe out for strength to face the morn
For chaos hopes your hope is torn
But love and peace our will reforms.

Sheri Edwards
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1213 days of posts in a row

Note: “supremacist” and “supremist” ? See The Grammarphobia Blog

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