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If I Were

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Sometimes, when the cat is so relaxed, [which, for this wild cat is not very often], I breathe deeply in and out to capture that feeling that world is calm and safe for everyone to simply let go and relax.

Today is not that day. Today the supreme court of religious fanatics overturned reproductive rights for women.

It is not unusual for justices to cherry pick quotes but not so out of context and not from former colleagues who are still alive and privately, not amused at all.


I’m not pro-abortion. I’m pro-“it’s the woman’s body and no one except she and her doctor can know what is needed.”

And for sure– it’s not someone else’s religious beliefs that can control that.

I just don’t understand why a woman’s decisions are not hers. We are officially now without self-rule.

The Make America Great Again crowd has made America great for very few. I do not think they’ve thought ahead for the next “laws” to be enacted over those who claim to be for small government. And they don’t care.

I just can’t make a decision like that for some one else, and it seems so unAmerican to think the courts do.

If I Were

If I were a cat I’d curl up in the sun
Relax in my dreams of the mouse on the run
But today I’m a woman with my rights now undone
By a law of religion whose writs many will question.

Sheri Edwards
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