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Listen to the Sounds

a poem on a scene from a local park
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I’m listening to the sounds of the neighborhood. I’m listening to the sounds that instill hope for a better world. I’m listening now because the town council and the police here want to put in a gun range right up the street, destroying the sounds of hope and home and peace that a residential neighborhood promotes so we continue to strive for a better world because gunfire is not normal; it’s not a sound of peace or freedom or home.

Listen to the Sounds

Listen to the sounds
Just out your window
Just down the block
Just up the street

Listen to the sounds
Tune in to the reasons
Tune in for the season
That tunes a change for peace.

Sheri Edwards
061222 164.365.22

I am delighted, though, that todays is day 1200 of 1200 days of posts in a row. I am depressed that it may be one of the last days of hopeful sounds in a neighborhood of homes designed for families — not for the sounds of war or crime.

Note: This does not in any way mean that the police do not need training or a place to site their guns or practice. It doesn’t mean that people cannot own guns or enjoy target practice or to hunt. It just means that the rest of us who do not use or play with guns should not be subjected to the reasons behind those sounds by hearing those sounds on a continual basis. It means that the sounds of peace should prevail in our parks and neighborhoods and public gathering places.

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