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Dabble Daily

Colored pens and paper— art supplies

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s Daily Create is an acrostic poem which I decided to apply to a photo of a small sampling of my art pens because art is a daily thing for me. Whether it’s on paper with ink, gouache, watercolor, or water brushes or if it’s on the iPad, a doodle a day and a Daily Create with my  CLmooc friends is something I strive for. In fact, this weekend we attended the graduation celebration of a grandchild, but I had prepared and scheduled my poems and art pieces on Friday, so they would be published daily, as always. In the morning, on our travels, I completed my Daily Create— so art and writing as a daily ritual is important to me.

I’m not a great artist and certainly not a great poet, but every day a slice of my life is always art, an expression of my life and the little joys or events that fill my day with a few “art action” or opinion pieces for peace and justice for all slipped in, lest one think I approve of the daily chaos created by the libertarian and far right conservatives. I don’t. I do not.

But art—- let’s all do it daily and perhaps we can create a better world by opening windows and minds to other ideas that welcome and believe in all of us, together.


Dabble a bit in
Artistic adventures with
Insightful expressions
Lingering for remix of
Your gift to open minds daily

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