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Tiny Bird

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. On day we ventured onto roads seldom traveled— those “Primitive Road: No Warning Signs” roads found so often in the countryside here. We were attempting to find ourselves above the Grand Coulee in which Banks Lake is filled, which would be 800 feet below us as we drive across the plateau. This is as close as we could get, and the little bird chose this moment to pose for us as we failed in our attempt at getting a “bird’s eye view” of the Grand Coulee.

Map of location of bird in Douglas County 800 feet above Banks Lake which flows through the Grand Coulee in WA state

“Get a picture, get a picture,” I excited called to Scott as he opened the window of the truck. And so the picture and the poem…. [and the wabi-sabi June Doodle].

And just so you know, I was my mom during this adventure, carefully watching, “Be careful. Be careful. Go slowly. Are we at the edge? Not too close.” I can hear my mom scolding my dad as he drives on the edge of the Missouri or Heart Rivers to find the perfect fishing spot, “Charles!”

Sadly or luckily, the road did not come anywhere close to the 800 foot cliff.

Tiny Bird

Within the vast grasslands
a tiny bird poses on the fence post
within our view out the car window
almost lost in the landscape
spreading as far as any eye can see
just a bit of life
itself holding
within its beak
the beetle
who did not escape
its bird’s eye view.

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