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Wherever You Go

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So very sad that another killer with a gun has terrorized us, children especially. It’s time. Way past time to do more than prayers and condolences.

I am so thankful I live in a state with reasonable leaders who know what to do:

And Ira Socal has written about this terrorism we must defeat:

 “‘Terrorism’ is defined by its attempt to terrorize, and America has been terrorized by white male right wing terrorists long enough.” ~ Ira Socal [and most of America]

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I’m just so fed up with the idea that a gun ensures your freedom. It’s your vote that ensures your freedom. And the same people who are support little control over guns are the same people who are taking away your right to vote— gerrymandering and more. GOP is not for freedom.

We should be able to go to our own church in peace without fear of being shot and killed.

We should be able to go to our local grocery store in peace without fear of being shot and killed.

We should be able to go to school in peace without fear of being shot and killed.

So tired of not being able to live in peace without fear in the year 2022. So tired of people and their inability to let others live as free as they want to be. So tired of people with guns who terrorize the rest of us in some nonsensical world view. So tired of the legal system supporting the gun culture. So tired of the legal system supporting a right to bear arms over a right to the rule of law and respect for everyone’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Love your neighbor. Take care of your neighbor.

~ message from someone who lived over 2000 years ago

So let’s make some changes for our children, so they may live with and in peace— wherever they go.

And, about now, you’re probably thinking, “We’re so divided.” But are we— or is it the media and social media that scoop propaganda with headlines and memes that portray us as divided. Because, I’m pretty sure my right wing neighbors do not wish me harm, nor do I them. We’re in the same community groups together, supporting our communities. So it seems we can work together, and we can come to agreement and how we can solve both the gun and the extremist issues.

I recently discovered a unique website— We Are Not Divided – to give us all hope. Check it out, and wherever you go, seek peace and justice for all of us, whoever we are.

Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go

Wherever you go
Off to work or to school
A walk in the park
Or a swim in the pool
To pray in your church
Or wander in nature
To gather with friends
And snap your friend’s picture
To shop at the store
See a movie premiere
Freedom is to live
And to go without fear

Respect to each
If different too
One to the other
Respect is due

A trust that each
A space is given
A trust for each
A space for living

Whoever you are
Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Live your space true

Live your space
Let others’ live too
Live the law of peace
A neighborhood community
Even with differences
Live with equanimity.

Sheri Edwards
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Wherever you go, go in peace

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