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Daily Create Sad Sequence

Daily Create

#ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3782 Remix a Visual Framework

Today we were asked to remix a visual framework from Dave Gray’s posts of visual frameworks on Twitter. I chose this one:

It looks like the seasons, doesn’t it?

I did see the seasons, but then applied that to the seasons of democracy and human rights in the United States, where the 1780s brought a budding of enlightened ideas on freedom followed by the 1880s and the struggle for both individual and collective rights in the public, private, and work places. But then the 1980s where Reagan and the GOP began their theories of trickle-down economics and fear of immigrants to hold onto their [usually white, male, and rich] power. The disguised their intent well as the rest of us believed the world was progressing to ensure the civil and human rights for everyone. Behind the scenes, though, the spread of libertarian ideals continued— ideas that defied a humanistic ideal of the basic good and cooperative nature of human beings. And today, a cult of theists push their religious beliefs on everyone else that seek to control and deny individual rights, unless, of course, the individual is— white, male, and probably rich.

Of course, this is simplistic and black and white. People are nuanced in their beliefs and I believe most people really don’t want to hurt their neighbors and friends. But the times have somehow produced a group of people who seek to divide us, create chaos, and pass laws that invoke and push a religious and punitive agenda on certain groups of people, denying their and each the pursuit of happiness.

I expect the separation of church and state— because your religion is not mine— and those creating such devilish laws are so much not my beliefs. I live [lived]in the “Land of the Free.”

In the Lincoln / Douglas Debates, Abraham Lincoln said:

The quote by Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln-Douglas debates in Chicago on July 10, 1858 is from this paragraph of his speech:

I believe each individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruit of his labor, so far as it in no wise interferes with any other man’s rights; that each community, as a State, has a right to do exactly as it pleases with all the concerns within that State that interferes with the right of no other State; and that the General Government, upon principle, has no right to interfere with anything other than that general class of things that does concern the whole.

Abraham Lincoln, Chicago, Saturday Evening, July 10, 1858 from Bartleby

The whole of democracy is each person’s rights, as in the woman’s rights to plan her life, or the family’s decision to plan. Those individual choices do not concern the “whole.”

The whole of democracy is each person’s right to vote— to choose who will represent them in this republic. But the gerrymandering of districts prevent this— prevents the right to vote.

On the other hand, regulations to keep our roads safe, to provide access to power, to keep our water clean— those are things that concern the whole, for the good of us all.

But that is not the goal of the current cult of theists and libertarians. I am so disgusted by their lack of humanity.

So— this pessimistic view of the future is simply a reminder to stand up, speak up and vote, because the theists and libertarians are screaming right now. So speak up— don’t scream— but stand up and speak up and vote! Keep the hope and the truth alive. Keep our voices alive. Keep our democracy — our democratic republic— alive. Get up. Stand up. Vote.

And so, the Daily Create:

A sad sequence considering the current attack on human rights by a cult of theists

The message: VOTE

Music for the Times

Get Up. Stand Up. Bob Marley. [lyrics]

Gimme Some Truth John Lennon [read the description— “Register to vote”

Register to Vote. If you register to vote, it doesn’t mean you have to vote. At least you have it. And then if there’s somebody around that you can believe in, you’ve got that vote. But if you don’t register and it comes, and you wanna do something, you’ve missed it. Because there’s one inch in which we breathe differently between the two parties. And everybody’s saying they’re all the same. They are all the same, but there’s one inch in which they let you breathe.

~John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth John Lennon [read the description— “Register to Vote”]

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